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TubeScan digital strobe
The intelligent solution for print inspection

Available web widths:
250mm (10"), 330mm (13"), 430mm (17"), 550mm (22"), 660mm (26") and 850mm (34")

Quality control has to be simple during the finishing process of label webs but most importantly very reliable. At the end, your reputation depends on the work you deliver to your customers.

System Structure


Conventional methods such as counting of repeats, ­detection of missing labels with photoelectric sensors or the visualization of moving webs with strobe lights often reach limitations and are complicated to use. On the other hand, automatic print inspection systems based on line scan cameras might be oversized and too expensive for many applications.

Hence, the concept of TubeScan sets a new standard with the smart combination of imaging technology and the ­stroboscopic principle.
TubeScan provides considerably higher process reliability with the base function digital strobe because it always delivers a steady image and true colour representation – independent from the machine speed. Thus, the operator keeps full control over the entire production, even during critical phases like make-ready time or start/stop.

The function digital strobe+ is not only accurately counting repeats, labels and missing labels in total and per lane, but it also detects matrix residues across the entire web width. This eliminates the usage of expensive and unreliable sensors and the necessity of cumbersome and time-consuming sensor adjustment.

By choosing the additional option digital strobe++ TubeSan even becomes a full grown print inspection system, which is able to detect print defects and register variations below one millimeter. So you live up to your reputation in an economic way by delivering quality up to your customer’s expectation!

General benefits of the TubeScan digital strobe

Choose the digital strobe++ option for inspection capabilities: